Live Streaming

Events coverage and live streaming is our local main service.
Feel free to contact us to ask for a quote.

High quality 4K Sony & BlackMagic cameras including live production of the event.

Promotional Videos

We produce promotional videos for Mosques and other Muslim organizations nation-wide.
Please check the examples and we are happy to produce yours soon.

Send us a detailed request and we will be happy to serve you.

360 Production

With 360 videos you give the viewer "I was there" kind of feeling.

Whether it's a lecture, event, interview, sport or community gathering it's always great to give your audience the real taste of that event again and again.

We can help you making their experience rich and unforgetable.

Talk more about your products here.

Our prices are made for non-profit tight budgets. But our quality is scalable up to film & TV standards.

Example films

examples are found on the promotional videos page here.