About Us


Our Approach

Our vision is to ease the gap between our Islamic knowledge and the public.

Media is one of the main ways of dawa in this century. We believe in individual and institutional adaption of media to deliver our call to the real values of Islam.

Social media and other new ways of reach out are a necessary methods to spread the wisdom and knowledge of Islam.

You will find in this website our humble work in this field to deliver The Message Of God to all people.

Our Story

We started our films in a garage in Damascus, Syria then went to the United States to make few documentaries. Then we went to Saudi Arabia to participate in TV production of many titles and TV shows. Then we settled in the United States.

Meet the Filmmaker

Mohammad Wafed Ahdali, A filmmaker and TV Director.
Produced many TV shows and documentaries around the globe.
Many examples here are his production and supervision.


Filmmaker - Director

Mohamed Al Darsani


See You Soon.. insha Allah

Thank You for visiting our website and we hope you get hereĀ  the maximum benefit to please Allah God The Creator.